WhatsApp Introduces New Privacy Feature to Protect IP Address in Calls

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In a savvy move for digital privacy, WhatsApp is spicing up its security game with the "Protect IP Address in Calls" feature. This nifty upgrade is the digital equivalent of a cloak of invisibility for your IP address during calls, making it virtually impossible for the nosy Nellies of the net to pinpoint your location. WhatsApp servers act like a magician's secret chamber, ensuring that your calls are a no-snoop zone, with the bonus of end-to-end encryption [1][2].

Intriguingly, WhatsApp's new feature draws inspiration from Apple's iCloud Private Relay, turning the call-routing process into a two-step tango for added anonymity. While your calls might take a slight hit in quality, it's a small price to pay for keeping your whereabouts under wraps [3][4].

Cooked up in the WhatsApp lab since at least late August 2023, this feature is like adding an extra-strong lock to your digital doors. And for those who prefer their calls as private as a top-secret diary entry, WhatsApp introduces an additional perk—Silence Unknown Callers. This feature doesn't just shush the unwelcome ringers but also puts a damper on the pesky zero-click attacks and spyware [5].

WhatsApp's recipe for secure calls throws in a "privacy token," a special ingredient that ensures only the people you want can ring you up. It's a bit like having a bouncer for your calls, checking the VIP list before letting anyone through. And the best part? The server plays the role of the oblivious butler, learning nothing about who's calling whom [6].

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