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Publisher: Ashampoo

3D CAD Architecture 11 (1 PC - perpetual)

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Ashampoo 3D CAD Architecture 11 is a 3D modeling and architectural design software for home and professional use. This easy to use program allows users to effortlessly design and visualize architectural spaces in 3D.

Some key features include:
  • Design Tools - Users are provided with an extensive library of tools to design walls, floors, roofs, doors, and windows with precision. Tools allow for accurate measurements and alignments.
  • Materials and Textures - A wide selection of realistic building materials and textures can be applied to walls, floors, etc. for true-to-life rendering. Materials include wood, stone, glass, and more.
  • Furniture Library - The software includes a growing library of pre-made furniture pieces that can be inserted and customized. This streamlines the process of furnishing virtual spaces.
  • Rendering - Designs can be rendered with photorealistic lighting effects to showcase projects as realistic visions. Shadows, reflective surfaces, and day/night lighting can be simulated.
  • Sharing - Completed projects can be shared via printouts, or exported as images, videos or to common 3D formats for further use in other apps.

System requirements include Windows 10, 4GB RAM (8GB recommended), 2GHz dual-core processor (3GHz quad-core recommended), and 2GB graphics card. A directX 11 compatible display is also required.

This all-in-one CAD program provides users with an accessible and powerful toolset for architectural design from initial sketches through final photorealistic renderings.